Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beekeeping Webinars

     Ohio State University is a great source of information for beekeepers.  Their website has a vast array of information on a wide variety of topics relating to bees and beekeeping (O.S.U).  Dr. James Tew from Ohio State University gives an amazing description of bee biology in a relatively short (40 minutes) presentation (Honey Bee Biology and Behavior).  This is something I recommend to anyone interested in honey bees.  Check out Jim Tew's blog at One Tew Bee.
      Beginning on April 18th Ohio State University will be putting on a series of 8 free beekeeping webinars.  A webinar is short for a web-based seminar and is a live web presentation that is interactive. The viewers will be asked questions and can themselves ask questions of the presenter. In our Bee Library (Library) you will find a number of recorded webinars covering a wide variety of topics on beekeeping.  I have found the webinars to be very informative.

Webinar Schedule

April 18, Hive Health Diagnostics, Barb Bloetscher, entomology research assistant and Ohio Department of Agriculture state apiarist.
May 16, Pesticides In and Around the Hive, Reed Johnson, assistant professor of apiculture, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.
June 20, Mites and Honey Bees, Jim Tew, retired honeybee specialist, OSU Extension.
July 18, Planning Now for Winter Preparation, Bloetscher.
Aug. 15, Questions from the Hive, Johnson.
Sept. 19, Marketing Bee Products, Julie Fox, OSU South Centers at Piketon.
Oct. 17, Putting the Hive to Bed for Winter, Kim Flottum, editor, Bee Culture magazine.
For more information, contact Ellsworth at or 330-263-3723.

     To participate in a webinar join the Ohio State University Bee Lab at Bee Lab.  Webinar log-in instructions will be provided.  All of the webinars will be archived and available at the Bee Lab.


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